Waste? is not a doomsday story. This series features spirited individuals that survive or create using waste. Their stories will educate and motivate attitudinal and behavioral change. Waste? explores what motivates people to reuse waste through conversations with garbage anthropologists, yardists, artists and companies. The intent is for viewers to reflect on their relationship with waste, recycling habits, consumption patterns, and to take relevant action.

We live in a culture in which products are designed to be consumed and disposed of in volume. Rarely are consumers or manufacturers held responsible for the environmental repercussions of this model. As a result, individuals have lost touch with product origins and the impact of their consumption. 

Meet the producers

Dave Rizzotto is the owner of SunWorks Media a digital media and video production company. Dave has produced, directed, and edited award winning educational, e-learning, and promotional content for clients such as Harvard University, United Way, and Discovery Channel. In 2002, he launched Newbury Film Series, a not-for-profit, dedicated to supporting emerging filmmakers. As Executive Director, he developed Reel Vision, an after-school filmmaking program in which under-served teens earn college credit and are empowered with technical and media literacy skills necessary to advocate for social change.

Shantel Hansen has over several years of experience in marketing, fundraising, recruiting, and event management. Recently, she has been consulting and helping small to mid-size for and non-profit organizations with social media plans to recruit and fundraise. 


Dave Rizzotto: dave.rizzotto[at]gmail.com
Shantel Hansen: shantelhansen[at]gmail.com


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