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“Waste?” Documentary Webisodes Launch on Earth Day

Recycled. Reclaimed. Redefined.

Boston, MA, ---Newbury Film Series, a nonprofit in Boston, MA, announces “Waste?” in time for Earth Day, April 22, 2009. This series of web vignettes profiles people who are redefining waste – architects, retailers, artists, musicians, and recyclers – individuals who derive innovation from excess.

The purpose of this project, aside from education, is to prove interest in the subject and in turn, secure funding for additional production.Interested parties are encouraged to spread the word (and the link) on Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, and Twitter. Dave Rizzotto, Newbury Film Series founder and director of “Waste?” and producer Shantel Hansen, filmed primarily during 2008.

Says Rizzotto: “When we started this project, we knew it would be interesting – but that’s an understatement. We met people who convert waste water into fuel, people who make musical instruments from scrap metal, and people who build homes out of used tires. There’s a virtual underground of those who are changing the way we use and repurpose our resources.”

Hansen adds: “I am amazed at the amount of interest and support the project has already generated. I’ve had people step forward to volunteer their time without even seeing the trailer. People recognize that this is a timely project – and they want to be part of it. Perhaps that’s because these webisodes are not preachy; they really serve to inspire.”